Individual Therapy

My desire is to help clients feel known, heard, and understood as we walk together toward your healing. Whether you are overwhelmed with stress or sadness, struggle with low self-esteem or feeling stuck, have been diagnosed with an illness, or your mind never seems to stop running, I take a holistic approach. People are complex, and many factors impact how we cope and relate. Past hurts, physical health and biological factors, relationships, living situations, and much more can affect our wellbeing. I help clients understand the roots of their struggles to impact lasting change as well as helping them cope with the daily effects of those struggles. I am passionate about hearing your story and creating safety and acceptance as you walk through that vulnerability.

My primary focus with individuals is on life transitions, helping people through the changes that come along with aging and helping those with terminal illness and in end-of-life work through fears, missed opportunities, identity struggles, and other issues, as well as providing the space for clients to share their life stories. I help clients and their families work through the struggles that arise during this time, with an emphasis on finding peace, acceptance, and a new kind of hope for each member. In dying, we are still living, still important, and our stories, relationships, and unmet hopes and dreams still matter.

I use a Narrative Therapy approach with clients working through aging, and end-of-life issues, and I use an attachment lens with clients struggling with past and current family, friend, and romantic relationship issues. I draw from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to help clients struggling with depression and anxiety understand what is happening in their bodies and minds and learn to reroute their thinking, shift behaviors, and learn new ways to cope.

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“To be human is to need others, and this is no flaw or weakness.”
-Sue Johnson

Areas of Focus

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • End of Life

  • Aging

  • Self-Esteem Issues

  • Relationship Issues

  • Life Transitions

  • Identity Issues

  • Grief

  • Codependency